Who we are.
About our company.

GRIF Energy is newly organized in 2021 Ukrainian Origin Company operating in Poland and finalizing the 80 MWp project in Zwartowo (Pomorskie Region).
Key members of our team started their careers in solar business in 2011-2016 and held the principal management positions in different PV projects in Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Turkey, including largest installations in these countries: ​
Belarus: 18,6 MWp station in Smorgon (largest in the country for 2017)
Kazakhstan: 100 MWp station in Saran (largest in Central Asia for 2018)
Ukraine: 148 MWp station in Progressovka (one of the two largest in the country for 2021)​

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What we offer



GRIF Energy is providing design development based on innovative technology and high level of experience. Engineering team can support for design optimization and also adopt technical solutions to local standards​


GRIF Energy can support You for any construction activities as General Contractor with experience team and bring the result as turn key solution. Team members were working world wide as an experts for Construction Supervision, Quality Control, Commissioning, Troubles Shouting, etc.​

Operation & Maintenance

Operation & Maintenance:

GRIF Energy helps to reach maximum PR by establishing preventive maintenance system and with 24/7 support for operation service. Brings regular inspections and modern equipment for detecting failure in earlier beginning stage for excluding negative impact to the PR​

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  • Geodetic works, marking for piles ramming and construction

  • Fence installation

  • Piles ramming (one-, two-, tree- post systems)​

  • Metal structures assembling (discrete systems, endless systems)​

  • Tracking system installation​

  • Modules assembling (2V, 4H, 3V systems and any other combinations)​

  • Transformer/Inverter Stations installation

  • Cabling works (rolling out DC, LV, MV systems)​

  • Cabling termination (DC, LV, MV systems)

  • Earthing and Lighting protection system installation (structures, transformer stations, O&M buildings, etc.)​

  • Electrical measurements (Riso, Polarity, IV curve, etc. )​

  • Monitoring system installation/configuration​

  • Commissioning​